Types of accounts

Types of accounts

Instant access savings accounts to suit you.

We offer four types of accounts:

Simply apply online today or download a membership form to open an account.

You can save via standing order, payroll deduction and you can also deposit cash and cheques into your account. Find out more about paying money in.

All deposited funds are fully safe and secure as they are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Regular account

Our standard account can be dipped into as and when required. Anyone who becomes a member of Castle and Crystal will automatically open this type of account. savings for every day

The key features of this account are:

   Unlimited withdrawals    Minimum balance £1
   Instant access    Annual dividend


Should you ever decide to take out a Castle and Crystal loan, this account will be used to deduct your loan repayment.

Christmas account

How much did you spend on Christmas last year? By paying a little each week or month, funds can be set aside for you to enjoy the Christmas period. To avoid dipping into your savings in advance of the festivities, withdrawals are restricted between January & October each year.

The key features of this account are:Get Christmas covered

   Restricted withdrawals    Great budgeting tool
  Safe & convenient    Annual dividend


 Need an extra helping hand? Why not consider applying for a Christmas loan to help cover your Christmas costs.

Holiday account

Using our holiday account, you can build up enough money Holiday savings accounts available

over time to afford to pay for a well deserved break or to pay for your spending money. 

The key features of this account are:

   Unlimited withdrawals    Minimum balance £1
   Instant access    Annual dividend


Cash ISA

We offer variable rate Cash ISAs to our members. Savings for a rainy dayThis is a tax-free savings plan that can give you a good return on your investment, making your money work harder for you.

From April 6 2017 to April 5 2018, the amount savers can put into a tax-free account will be £20,000 a year, and that can be saved as cash, innovative finance or stocks and shares.

In each tax year you can subcribe to one Cash ISA, one Stocks and Shares ISA and one Innovative Finance ISA.

You cannot subscribe to two (or more) of the same type of ISAs in the same tax year (before 5 April 2018) which includes Cash ISAs, Stocks and Shares ISAs and Innovative Finance ISAs.

For example, if current year stocks and shares subscriptions are transferred to a cash ISA, they are treated as if they made to the recieving cash ISA so the investor is free to subscribe to a stocks and shares ISA following the transfer – subject to the overall subscription limit.

Please fill in our 2017-2018 ISA application form.

The key features of this account include:

    Instant access   Minimum balance £1
    No penalties   Dividend of 1% variable
   Transfer out permitted   Dividend applied annually






Terms & conditions are available upon request. Please note you must be a member of Castle & Crystal to be eligible to open an ISA.

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