Make a payment

Members can deposit money into their account (loan repayments only) using a debit card. You can make a payment online of up to £10 by logging on to our member's area, and any amount in branch or over the telephone by calling 01384 815771.

For maximum convenience when making loan repayments, regular payments can be made in the following alternative ways:

  • Setting up a standing order from your bank
  • Making a one-off faster payment from your bank
  • Payroll deduction scheme with selected employersAvoid loan arrears
  • Having your wages or benefits paid into the credit union.

       Please contact us for our bank details.

If for any reason, your loan fell into arrears, you may find making a debit card payment is the quickest and most convenient way to catch up. Call 01384 815771 to make a payment.

Should you experience any difficulty in repaying your loan, contact our loans officer immediately by calling 01384 812767. There may be something we can do to help.

Please note we do not accept cash deposits to cover regular loan repayments and we will only accept payments by UK Sterling only.

We accept all major DEBIT CARDS.

Please note, we do not accept credit cards payments.




Refund Policy: Any new member who joins online and is not eligible to be a member of Castle & Crystal Credit Union can have their refundable deposit refunded to their debit/credit card (please note £3 is a non-refundable administration charge).