How much can I borrow?

Our loan products allow you to apply for anything from £250 - £10,000. Apply online today.

Who can apply for a Castle & Crystal loan?

You must be a member to apply for a loan with us (new and existing members are eligible). You can apply providing meet one of the requirements in our common bond.

You must also meet our lending criteria to apply.

How is the interest calculated?

All of our loans carry different rates of interest, all product information is available on our loan products page. Castle & Crystal only charge interest on the declining balance of your loan and there are no early repayment charges if you wish to clear your loan early.

What proof of income do I need?

Two months recent bank statements and two months recent payslips (if in employment). Apply online today.

How is a decision made?

Our dedicated loans officer will review your income and expenditure and assess the affordability of your application. This is to ensure you can afford to repay what you have borrowed.

All applications are also subject to our usual credit checks. We use the Equifax Credit Reference Agency to search your credit history.

We cannot lend to you if you have an active or unsatisfied CCJ, IVA, DRO or debt management plan or if you are an undischarged bankrupt.

We reserve the right to decline.

How long does it take for a decision?

We endeavour to give you a loan decision within 24- 48* hours (*subject to demand). This is providing we have the correct supporting evidence for your application. Larger loans may take slightly longer to approve.

How do I collect my money?

Loan funds are usually paid directly into your bank account, onto a pre-paid card or by cheque. We do not offer cash loans and do not pay them into your Castle & Crystal account.

How do I repay my loan?

    • Payroll deduction from participating local employers
    • Standing order from your bank to make regular payments
    • Transfer your benefits to cover the repayments

Can I top up my loan?

You can apply for a top up on your loan when you have made at least 6 months regular payments on an existing loan. You are allowed a maximum of two top-up loans in addition to your initial loan. The full outstanding balance will then need to be cleared in full before further borrowing is approved. This is to prevent member’s loans exceeding their ability to afford and repay them.

Top-up requests are subject to the usual loan evidence and loan decisions are usually available within 24-48 hours. Apply online today.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.